E-application is an election submission to HDB to purchase a new Executive Condominium. HDB will assess applications eligibility and approve/reject the application. Hence, we will do eligibility pre-assessment before submitting for E-application to avoid disappointments during the balloting day.

Objective of E-Application
To obtain Booking Queue number and Booking time Slot.
Conditions of E-application
Should you decide not to proceed with EC purchase after submitting your application, There is no penalty and no further action required from you. The submission of E-application and eligibility Pre-assessment done is absolutely free.
Benefits of E-application with us
1) To obtain first hand project information, announcement and updates via email, phone call, SMS, and WhatsApp.
2) EC project presentation at your convenience outside of the showflat.
3) Free HDB eligibility check and priority queue number through your E-submission
4) Free choice unit selection, and customized report based on your financial objective, risk tolerance and affordability.
5) Full guidance in EC purchase procedures from E-application to the exercise of Sales and Purchase agreement including bank loan and conveyancing arrangement.

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